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    来源:澳门博狗博彩官方平台 时间:2017-07-15


    Interview Questionnaire

    All answers to be in English unless otherwise noted

    1. Why are you applying for this position? Pls give at least two reasons)

    1. My career direction is foreign trade, this position are in line with my direction.

    2. In my internship experience, this position is the most suitable job for me, I own the required quality to the position, and I'm suitable for this position. I am very sure I can do my best in the job.

    3. Your company's business prospects and enterprise culture is also attract me. It’s a vocational platform which in favor of people’s talent and personal development.

    2. What qualities in you that best serve this position?

    Bear hardships and stand hard work, attention to detail, good at communication, high English ability and learning ability.

    3. What don’t you like about yourself most and why?

    My parents always said I was too stubborn to listen to their words, will suffer. But I think everyone has his own personality. I should stick to my own principles, do what I want to do, and complete my own ideal.

    4. What are your goals for the next five years? And what are you doing to achieve these goals?

    First of all, I will use 1 to 2 years to get the accumulation of knowledge and experience and improve my professional ability. Then I will complete the transition from a salesman to a director, a manager in 2 to 5 years.

    In school, I study and master the system and the knowledge of foreign trade, especially the documents operation. I master a foreign language, develop my confidence, patience and carefulness. I can familiar with every link of foreign trade.

    Later, I will keep on learning in the work, familiar with the business, the product and management ideas ASAP. I will improve my work efficiency, and deal with emergencies calmly. I will improve my own quality constantly to achieve the conditions of a top management.

    5. Please share with us your understanding and experiences of “No pain, No Gain’.

    No pain, No Gain

    Once I got a sales work in a clothing store on winter vacation. Since I didn't j(转载于:www.cSSyq.co m 书 业 网:外贸销售面试问题)ust regard it as a part-time job, while others complained that the wages were low and they couldn’t go to play in Spring Festival, I worked conscientiously, with diligent study. Though I was very tired during that period, I summed up a lot of sales skills and learned a lot. I got much higher salary, bought massager and clothes for my parents, and harvest their gratified smile. This inspired me a lot.

    6. Pls reply to the below emails.

    Hi Janet:

    According to the latest shipment of HOUSING EXTRUSION, our IQA has detected defective part of Bent issue from the sampling as detailed in the email string below. Photos are attached.

    Due to the urgent use of this part, we have to do 100% in-house sorting. Therefore, we need your authorization to proceed the sorting to support our production line. The sorting cost will be charged to you at US$2/hr and the defective parts will be returned to you.

    Also, Root cause(s) and corrective action(s) are requested. Appreciate your prompt response. Peter

    Dear Peter,

    Thanks for your letter. Thank you very much for bringing this matter to our attention. We really must apologize for the inconvenience you have been caused. We take all our customers’ seriously. With this in mind, we are more than happy to cover the cost of replacing the defective goods. I can assure you that in future we shall do all we can to avoid this error occurring again.

    Please accept my apologies once again for the inconvenience.

    Your sincerely,


    We have a need for Aluminum extrusions that we use to produce products

    for distribution in the USA. We currently purchase a lot of aluminum and would like a source for such products in China. Please contact me ASAP so that we may share our aluminum profiles with you and begin doing business ASAP.


    Julian Maimin - COO

    BAK Industries

    Dear Julian,

    Thank you for your letter, from which we note that you are desirous of establishing business

    relations with us. As we are always willing to do business on the basis of equality and mutual benefit with those who desire to trade with us, we welcome you too.

    Under separate cover, we are sending you a rang of pamphlets to give you a general idea of our products. Please advise us of your specific requirements and we will make our offer promptly.

    Yours faithfully,

    Hello Janet,

    We are having a lot of problems with your recent shipments because your plastic pallets always arrive broken (See attached). Please talk to your shipping department to resolve this problem.

    Thank you.


    Dear George,

    Thanks for your letter. Thank you very much for bringing this matter to our attention. We agree with you that strict quality control is very important. We really must apologize for the inconvenience you have been caused. We take all our customers’ seriously. With this in mind, we will resolve the problem ASAP.

    Please accept my apologies once again for the inconvenience.

    Yours sincerely,


    6. 现有一客户同意了我们的报价并且已经下达了一次订单,收到货物后比较满意,现发来如下邮件,准备再次下单,但我们经过核算,发现之前的报价有误,如果再按原来的价格接单,不止没利润,还有可能亏损。在市场环境(即原材料价格以及市场情况等)都没有发生变化的情况下,请你针对以上情况回复以下邮件。

    Hi Janet,

    Good news, we have the new customer. However, we need to get payment terms set up with your company. I wish to order now, but as I spoke about earlier with you, I would like to establish terms of payment with your company. My proposal: 30% down at order, 20% at shipping, and 50% net 30 from when I receive the product at my business. I will probably be ordering on a repetitive basis every 6-7 weeks.

    Please let me know ASAP, I am ready to order.

    Thanks, Jim

    Dear Jim,

    Thank you very much for your order. We are looking forward to cooperate with you again. However, we are regretful to tell you that after calculation, our prices have been adjusted. We will attach the new quotation sheet to you. Since the error caused by our company, with the deepest apologies and the best sincerity, we decided to give you an additional 10% discount. I’m looking forward to cooperating with your company again.

    Your early reply is appreciated.

    Yours sincerely,



    8.你现在以及未来三年的月薪期望如何? (币种:RMB) 请打勾回答)

    现在: A: 1500~2000 B: 2000~2500 C: 2500~3000 D: 3000~3500 √E: 3500~4000 F: 4500~5000 三年内想达到的工资: A: 1500~2000 B: 2000~2500 C: 2500~3000 D: 3000~3500 E: 3500~4000 F: 4500~5000 G:5500~6000 √H: 更高

    9.. 请分别谈谈与比自己能力稍差和比自己能力强的人共事的优劣势,并且联系自己的性格特点谈谈自己更适合与哪类人合作?(可用中文回答)

    10.如果您在工作中对您的上司的观点和做法有异议,而且你很不愿意按他/她的方法去工作时,你会如何坚持自己的意见? 为什么?(请用英语回答)



    海外市场开拓的技巧 一、发展新客户 在国际市场竞争激烈,市场需求纷繁复杂的情况下,不能仅仅依靠固 定的几个客户。应该不断地寻找新的伙伴,形成一个有潜力、有活力的客 户群。怎样才能找到我们所寻求的新客户呢?一般有以下途径: 1.直接寻找客户 出口企业可派代表广泛参加国内外各种交易活动,通过这些活动 来联络感情、扩大联系、广交朋友,在同外商接触中物色合适的客户。 派外销员直接到目标市场去推销,通过外销员采用各种推销技巧 和方法去招徕顾客。 通过举办展销会、博览会、技术交流会、交易会、广泛接触和发展客 户。 2.间接寻找客户 通过有关国家的商会、银行、专业咨询公司、贸易促进组织等介绍 客户,这些机构多数是服务性的,可提供情报、介绍客户。 利用遍布于世界各地的旅外华人、亲友,介绍客户、联系业务。 通过国内外有关报刊杂志,特别是专业性的报刊杂志,可以寻找一 些潜在的客户。通过刊登广告,可以招徕一些新客户。 通过国

    业介绍、推荐客户。 通过原有的国外客户,介绍相关企业和其它国外客户。 二、对新客户进行资信调查 对外进行交易之前,必须要对新客户进行全面的考察和衡量。通过 认真地审查,挑选出成交可能性最大的客户。 1.调查的内容 (1)支付能力。对客户支付能力审查,目的在于提高出口的经济效 益。如果客户仅仅有购买的需要,而支付能力不足,潜在的风险就很大。 对客户支付能力的调查,着重于客户的财力,如注册资本的大小、营业额 的

    情况如何。 (3)经营能力 。主要了解企业的销售渠道、销售规模、贸易关系及其 属于什么性质的客户,是中间商、贸易商、还是实用客户,对不同的客户采 用不同的订价原则,对不同性质的贸易商决定不同的谈判条件。 (4)企业声誉。主要了解企业的经营作风、商业道德、服务能力、进行 公共关系的水平等。 (5)政治情况。主要了解客户的政治背景和政治态度。对所有愿意 在平等互利的前提下,进行友好贸易往来的客户,都应以积极的态度和他 们交往。 2.调查的渠道 (1)通过有涉外业务的银行。我国现有的各种银行都有一定的涉外 业务,有的还在国外设有分支机构,通过它们可以了解到有关客户的情 况. (2)通过在国内的外资银行。这些银行对它们国内的情况较熟,接触面比较广,分行比较多,所以调查来的情况较细。 (3)通过

    除了经营 高务贸易以外,有的还专门从事情报信息咨询工作。 (6)通过出国商务人员。各贸易机构、贸易团体的出国人员,可利用 出国的机会搞调查。

    (7)通过老客户,间接了解新客户。但对了解的情况一定要做认真的 分析. 三、建立对外销售网 形成有效的销售网络,是摆在企业面前的一个极其重要而困难的课题,在中小企业的国际化经营中,这是一项重要的工作。这项工作主要抓如下几个方面: 1.国外客户的分类 要建立对外销售网,首先应对客户的类型有所认识,如果按专业类型分,大致可分为以下几种: (1)进口商。所谓进口商,是指那些专门从事进口业务,自买自卖的商人。他们首先从国外把商品大量的购入,然后再转售给批发商、零售商,并从中获利。他们的业务范围大多以某几种专业传统产品为主,有的也兼营其它商品,进口商与其它中间商的最大判别是他们无独家经营权。同时,制造商对其缺乏足够的控制力。他可以根据自己的人力、物力、财力、市场需求的变化,对进口产品的品种和数量做任意调整。 (2)经纪人、。经纪人,即从事进出口业务的代客买或卖或从中撮合向一方或双方收取佣金的商人。在国际贸易中,他们是一支十分活跃的力量,具有联系面广




    姓名: 应聘职位: 日期:得分:


    1、Tell me about you!

    2、Why do you want to work for us?


    二、 对译题(每空1分,共20分)

    1:L/C:信用证; acceptance credit:承兑信用证;

    Packing instruction:包装资料;Consignee :收货人;

    Port of loading:装运港;Port of Discharge: 卸货港;

    Shipping documents:货运单据; T/T 30% deposit: 电汇30%定金;

    FOB:_离岸价格 装运港船上交货 CIF: 成本加保险费加运费;

    2:提单: B/L;出口许可证: export license

    年产量:yearly output; 最小订购量:MOQ_Minimum Order Quantity;

    交货期: date of delivery;促销:Promotion;

    订舱单: Booking Sheet; 原产地证书:C/O certificate of origin_;

    担保:guarantee;形式发票:proforma invoice;


    1、attachment is a new PO 610014 for 20k pcs of cables. I imagine payment is a wire transfer as before(We wish L/C in the near future).

    Pls supply PI accordingly with the total costs, payment terms, delivery time, warranty terms, also with item specification, packing instruction.

    Please check this PO and verify everything is correct and notify me.

    Specially, we feel it advisable to make it clear that the goods must be packed according to our packing requirement otherwise they would be damaged in transit.

    Please acknowledge shipping or delivery date.(20分)

    附件是关于2万条线的新订单610014. 付款方式依旧按照之前的电汇方式(希望在不久的将来我们可以做信用证). 请提供一下形式发票,其中包总成本,付款条件,交货时间,保修条款同时还有产品的详细规格及包装资料。 请查收并确认此订单无误后给我答复。

    特别注意的是,我们要提前明确一点,货物的包装一定要按照我们的要求进行,否则会在运输途中出现损坏。 请确认装船或交货日期。


    Please quote the lowest price to Seattle about each of the following goods to our cost plus freight and insurance, including five percent of our commission.


    The minimum quantity of our order for USB flash disk is 1000 piece in our usual practice. But according to the material inventory and actual producing process, we also accept the order less than the minimum, the price will be higher.


    1:用3到5分钟做个自我介绍。(观察其是否思路清晰) 2:为什么离开以前的公司?(观察其人品或道德) 3:短期内对自己有什么计划或者打算?(看其是否务实) 4:谈谈你对外贸的心得和体会?(了解其是否有经验) 5:我们是进出口公司,那么你会怎么样处理海外买家,公司和工厂的关系?比如老外一

    味地压低价格时你会怎么样做?(看其是否灵活应变) 6:你对自己的薪水期望值是多少?对公司有什么要求?(看其是否自信) 7:你是怎么理

    解团队与个人的关系的(团队合作精神) 8:你的优势是什么?你的缺点是什么?9:你目前有没有现成的客户资源? 外贸业务员面试中的三十条常见问题

    1. tell me about yourself。简要介绍你自己。

    2. why are you interested in this position? 你为什么对这份工作感兴趣?

    3. what are your strengths?谈谈你的优势?

    4. what is your biggest weakness?谈谈你最大的弱点是什么?

    5. why do you feel you are right for this position?为什么你认为自己适合这


    6. can you give me the highlights of your resume?谈谈你的 简历 上有些什么


    7. why did you choose your major?你为什么选择这个专业?

    8. what are your interests?你有哪些兴趣爱好呢?

    9. what are your short and long term goals?你对于短期和长期的目标是什么?

    10.tell me how your friends/family would describe you?如果我向你的朋友或者家人询问对你的评价,你认为他们会怎样说?

    11.using single words, tell me your three greatest strengths and one weakness.用简单的词,描述你的三项最突出的优点和一个缺点。

    12.what motivates you to succeed?你争取成功的动力是什么?

    13.what qualities do you feel are important to be successful in _____(i.e.

    customer service)?


    14.what previous experience has helped you develop these qualities? 哪些之前的精力帮助你获得了这些品质?

    15.can you give me an example of teamwork and leadership?你能向我列举一个团队活动和领导力的例子吗? 你经历过最大的挑战是什么?你如何跨越它的?

    17.why should i hire you over the other candidates i am interviewing?我为什么要从这么多应聘者中选择你呢?

    18.do you have any questions? 你有一些什么问题吗?general questions:


    21.have you ever been asked to do something unethical? if yes, how did you handle



    22.what do you do if you totally disagree with a request made by your manager?如果你完全不同意你上司的某个要求,你怎么处理?leadership questions:

    23.when in a group setting, what is your typical role? 你在团队中通常的作用是什么?

    24.how do you motivate a team to succeed?你怎么激励团队达到成功? teamwork questions:

    25.have you been in team situations where not everyone carried their fair share

    of the workload? if so, how did you handle the situation? 如果你所处的团队中,并不是每个成员都承担着相同的工作量,你怎样处理这种情况?problem-solving questions:你怎样在一堆根本做不完的工作任务中区分轻重缓急?

    27.why are manhole covers round? 为什么下水道的井盖是圆的?organizational and planning questions: //organizational and planning questions demonstrate how you approach your job

    and how you think. if someone appears disorganized, more likely than not, that

    candidate will be rejected。



    29.do you typically achieve what you set out to do?分析:直观上感觉 面试 官


    但是很可能所有应聘者都会给出肯定的答案,你不妨尝试做点改变(如例二)。 miscellaneous questions:

    30.what de-motivates or discourages you? 有哪些因素可能会让你失去动力或信心?

    31.do you work better in teams or by yourself?对于你来说,与团队一起工作


    32.how important to you is a positive attitude?积极的态度对你有多重要?

    33.what is your definition of success? 你怎样定义成功?

    34.what was your biggest disappointment during your college life?篇二:外贸



    姓名: 应聘职位: 日期:得分:


    1、tell me about you!

    2、why do you want to work for us?



    二、 对译题(每空1分,共20分) 1:l/c:信用证; acceptance credit:承兑信用证;packing instruction:包装资料;consignee :收货人; port of loading:装运港;port of discharge: 卸货港;shipping documents:货运单据; t/t 30% deposit: 电汇30%定金; fob:_离岸价格 装运港船上交货 cif: 成本加保险费加运费; 2:提单: b/l;出口许可证: export license 年产量:yearly output; 最小订购量:moq_minimum order quantity; 交货期: date of delivery;促销:promotion; 订舱单: booking sheet; 原产地证书:c/o certificate of origin_; 担保:guarantee;形式发票:proforma invoice;


    1、attachment is a new po 610014 for 20k pcs of cables. i imagine payment is a

    wire transfer as before(we wish l/c in the near future).pls supply pi accordingly with the total costs, payment terms, delivery time,

    warranty terms, also with item specification, packing instruction. please check this po and verify everything is correct and notify me. specially, we feel it advisable to make it clear that the goods must be packed

    according to our packing requirement otherwise they would be damaged in transit.please acknowledge shipping or delivery date.(20分)附件是关于2万条线的新订单610014. 付款方式依旧按照之前的电汇方式(希望在不久

    的将来我们可以做信用证). 请提供一下形式发票,其中包总成本,付款条件,交货时间,保

    修条款同时还有产品的详细规格及包装资料。 请查收并确认此订单无误后给我答复。 特别注意的是,我们要提前明确一点,货物的包装一定要按照我们的要求进行,否则会

    在运输途中出现损坏。 请确认装船或交货日期。



    我们也接受少于这个数量的订单,但价格稍微要高些。 the minimum quantity of our order for usb flash disk is 1000 piece in our usual

    practice. but according to the material inventory and actual producing process,

    we also accept the order less than the minimum, the price will be higher.篇三:





















    谨慎,细心,自信!你就是最棒的! 事先3项准备

    1. 对目标公司所在地、规模、在全球的活动概况等要事先有所了解,包括总公司在国内



    2. 面试时自我介绍内容应强调应征的动机以及想应征的岗位,因此收集好相关岗位的情


    3. 准备好所有证书材料,譬如与专业能力相关的资格证书,或参加培训的资料,最好和

    应征职务有直接关联,不但可证明自己在这一方面所做的努力,也表示具有这个潜能。 自我介绍时应该记住“3p原则”:positive(自信),personal(个性),pertinent(中






    就冒出一个“i”字,给人留下自我标榜、以自我为中心的印象。 灵活的应聘者往往会把“我”开头的话,变成“你”字打头。例如,面试人说:would you

    please say something about yourself?(请你谈谈自己的情况好吗?)应聘者则说:do you

    want me to talk about my personal life to say something about the job?(你想让








    1. 能力。当你知道招聘单位目前急于用人时,首先把自己的专长讲足说够,然后顺理成

    章地得出结论:i think your unit needs a man like me.(我想,贵单位需要象我这样的


    于是更容易接受你。陈述自己的任职资格时,可以这么开头:i‘m qualified for the job



    2. 业绩。外国公司面试喜欢用事实说话,为了证明你的能力,你可以把过去的经历联系

    起来,说明你曾经为以前的公司解决过跟现在雇主所面临的类似问题:i explored shanghai

    market and sold 50,000 sets in one year.(我开发了上海市场,一年销售出去5万套。)

    3. 诚意。某个问题发表完见解之后,可以附带加上一句:i‘d like to hear your opinion.


    当面试人在试探你的应聘诚意时,应该及时表态:so far as that is concerned, you must

    have understood my determination.(谈到这里,您一定已经明白我的决心。)问些与工作

    内容相关的问题,能表现 你对这份工作的兴趣。如:what other responsibilities do you think this job will

    include? (您觉得这份工作所包含的职责还有哪些?)十五个问题:

    问题一:“请你自我介绍一下” 常规思路: ①介绍内容要与个人简历相一致; ②表述










    是了解社会关系。而不是上述的回答。 问题三:“你有什么业余爱好?” 常规思路:①业余爱好能在一定程度上反映应聘者的性格、观念、心态,这是招聘单位

    提问的主要原因;②最好不要说自己没有业余爱 好;③不要说自己有那些庸俗的、令人感觉


    性格孤僻;⑤最好能有一些户 外的业余爱好来“点缀”你的形象。点评:这个问题一般也问的不多,在面试大学生时提问的概率高些。如果在面试有工作




    的主要目的;②不宜说自己谁都不崇拜;③不宜 说崇拜自己;④不宜说崇拜一个虚幻的、或


    的工作能“搭”上关系;⑦最 好说出自己所崇拜的人的哪些品质、哪些思想感染着自己、鼓